Careers Application


  1. Before beginning my duties, I may be required to produce documentary evidence that I am 18 years of age or older and I must produce documentary evidence of my identity and my right to work in the United States.
  2. I understand and agree that if I am employed by John M. Corcoran and Company, my employment will be “at will”. This means that employment will not be for a definite period of time, and can be ended at any time by me or John M. Corcoran and Company, with or without cause, and with or without notice.
    I further understand that no employee or representative of John M. Corcoran and Company, other than its President, can make any agreement to the contrary, and any such agreement must be in writing and signed by the President of John M. Corcoran and Company. I agree that this constitutes an integrated agreement with respect to the at will nature of my employment relationship with John M. Corcoran and Company, that it is final and binding, and that there are no oral or collateral agreements regarding this issue.
  3. If I am employed, I agree to abide by company policies, rules and procedures and any changes thereto.
  4. The acceptance by John M. Corcoran and Company Co., Inc. (“John M. Corcoran and Company”) of this completed application does not mean that a position for which I am qualified is open or that the Company has agreed to hire me. John M. Corcoran and Company is under no obligation to hire me as the result of accepting this completed Application.
  5. My providing of false or misleading material, information or my failure to state material facts either in this application, in any employment interviews or during the employment process may result in my failure to receive an offer or, if I am hired, an immediate dismissal from employment by John M. Corcoran and Company.
  6. I understand that it is unlawful in Massachusetts to require or administer a lie detector test as a condition of employment or continued employment.

Successful applicants for these positions must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. Requests for reasonable accommodation on the basis of disability or religion will be considered.