Mission & Vision

At Corcoran, our goal is to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are deeply rooted as a core value.

We strive to create a culture where we celebrate our differences and promote inclusion in everything we do for our employees, clients, vendors, and the communities we serve.

Our Commitment

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion promotes different identities, fair treatment and opportunities, and a welcoming environment for all to feel valued and respected. Together, these concepts aim to provide a fair, just, and inclusive workplace.
  • Learning and Development
    Learning and Development: This subcommittee is responsible for recommending DEI learning paths and implementing training with enlightening and engaging content. The company fosters Diversity, Equity and Inclusion beginning with the onboarding of new employees all the way to training seasoned employees, with the intent to bring greater awareness and understanding to the company.
  • Communication
    This subcommittee communicates the roll out of the DEI strategy to JMC. These efforts educate the company on many different cultures through the Holiday and Celebration Calendar on JMC's SharePoint site and highlight different major and lesser-known events to raise awareness of significant days in history through blogs.
  • Cultural Awareness & Engagement
    This subcommittee brings cross cultural awareness to JMC & Co and aims to grow general membership and participation in DEI.
  • DEI Ambassadors
    Ambassadors serve as allies to the DEI Committee. Ambassadors attend meetings, offer support to the DEI Committee in organizing events and training programs, and spread DEI awareness throughout JMC.
  • DEI Committee
    The DEI Committee manages the direction of DEI at JMC. The committee works with the Executive Committee to implement the team’s strategy. The DEI Committee consists of Co-Leads, sub committees, and ambassadors who organize cultural events and training programs to embed DEI into the company culture.

DEI Events and Outreach

  • Managers' Meeting

    DEI Committee brought cultural diversity to a Managers' Meeting with a variety of unique desserts from around the world. Everyone had the chance to try Flan, Sweetheart Cakes, Eclairs, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Cannoli's accompanied by fun informational flyers to tell JMC about the cultural and geographical origins of each dessert.

  • Black History Month

    McNamara House celebrated Black History Month with two resident events. The first event was a paint and sip night and the second was a movie day. This community did a fabulous job of showcasing what inclusion is all about and participation from our residents augments the DEI Committee's efforts to an audience that goes beyond our JMC staff.

  • DEI Pilot Training

    The DEI Committee invited all Weymouth property staff members to a DEI Pilot Training as part of the JMC DEI strategy rollout. Christie Lindor of Tessi Consulting conducted a training session in the clubhouse of The Commons at SouthField. During the session, she also covered the following:

    • What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean
    • How to be an inclusive colleague at JMC
    • Overview of JMC's DEI Strategy
    • Information about the DEI Committee and ways to get involved

    Christie gave an informative training on the importance of DEI and had the opportunity to explain the integral role that it will play at JMC.


  • DEI Movie Day

    The DEI Committee hosted a movie day for JMC employees. The Learning and Development Co-Leads put together a carefully curated list of movies to reinforce topics that are the focus of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  • El Mundo Hispanic Heritage Month

    JMC and the DEI Committee were proud sponsors for the El Mundo Hispanic Heritage Month Breakfast in Boston. It was inspirational for our JMC employees to see so many people not only celebrating Hispanic culture, but also empowering the Latinx community of Boston.