Management Services

Third Party Management Services at Corcoran Management Company
We approach asset management from the perspective of owners, property managers, and developers and our properties benefit from that uniquely integrated approach.  When managing a new development from the ground up or assuming management of an existing community, JMC & Co always sets forth an extensive plan to maximize revenue, increase occupancy, enhance the physical upkeep, and build a relationship with residents and the surrounding community.

JMC & Co's reputation, open and honest communication style, and resident-centric management philosophy have enabled us to not only achieve favorable returns for our investment partners, but also create thriving communities that contribute to the economic and social vitality of their neighborhoods.

Our seasoned asset management staff is supported by our accounting and management information system teams, which provide financial and advisory assistance for the development, investment, and management operations of the company. Together, these groups work with our senior management, marketing, and maintenance teams to identify key issues and develop strategic solutions that improve our communities in the near and long terms. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized and timely reporting to a wide variety of clients, ranging from publicly traded companies and private institutional partners to government agencies.