We actively engage with neighborhood groups, nearby residents, local businesses, and charities. Our goal is to build bridges that connect the unique culture of each neighborhood with the diverse demographics of our properties. This collaborative approach helps us foster vibrant, inclusive communities.

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  • Why John M. Corcoran & Co
    JMC provides a management team proficient in the intricacies of blending affordable housing with high-end homes. The company has been a pioneer in neighborhoods such as South Boston and Jamaica Plain where revitalization began when the company's high-end communities were introduced to them. Other builders recognized their successes and later added properties to these areas.
  • Neighborhood Involvement
    Once properties are established, JMC's teams reach out to connect with neighborhood groups, residences, businesses, and charities fostering relationships that form a bridge between the neighborhood’s culture and the property’s demographic.
  • Passionate Management Style
    Hands-on work ethic and decades of experience at all levels sets JMC apart from other companies. JMC's leaders enjoy their work, impart knowledge, share experience with others, and know every member of the property staff by name.
  • Enhanced By Partnerships
    JMC has formed long-standing partnerships with a diverse group of owners, developers, community leaders, and housing authorities. JMC works collaboratively with our partners to best serve our residents and provide value to the surrounding community.
  • Turning Challenges into Opportunities
    With our longstanding reputation and positive relationships within the industry, we've mastered the art of creating harmonious communities that cater to a diverse range of residents. Whether it's for institutional investors, condominium associations, private entrepreneurs, or public housing authorities, we're committed to delivering value and enhancing assets through superior customer service, exceptional quality standards, and an unwavering dedication from our team. Time and again, we've successfully bridged the gap between affordable and luxury living, creating vibrant neighborhoods that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our residents and owners.
  • Just a Call Away
    JMC employees at every level and in every department are available to respond to requests for support and guidance. Questions are answered quickly and highly qualified personnel can get to the property immediately when needed.

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